Legal Nurse Consulting Services - Services


  • Read the medical record for initial case merit review

  • Identify individuals and factors responsible for damages and/or injuries

  • Identify the mechanism(s) of injury

  • Develop and provide written file analysis and medical narrative overview for purposes of pre-litigation demand packages, settlement negotiations, and/or trial

  • Define deviations from, and adherences to, the applicable standards of care, including JCAHO, HIPPA and long term care regulations

  • Summarize, organize, translate, and interpret medical records

  • Identify missing records and/or record tampering

  • Identify the type(s) of expert(s) needed to address standards of care and causation

  • Prepare and/or review interrogatories

  • Assist with deposition preparation

  • Review deposition summaries to identify discrepancies among testimony given, records produced, and standards of care

  • Assist in demonstrative evidence preparation

  • Create chronologies/timelines of critical events and documents

  • Conduct research and literature review

  • Assist to identify the extent of damages

  • Assist to estimate future medical costs

  • Assist with trial preparation

  • Prepare affidavit of findings

  • Testify at deposition and trial


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